Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update: Sophia's second surgery yesterday

This is the update on yesterday's second surgery.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your prayers!! Our loving God was with Sophia as always, guiding Dr. Cherny on every step and this procedure was over without complications. As you already know, Dr. Cherny stopped the surgery because he couldn’t find the “landmarks” that he was expecting to see with the scope. It was scary for a while because we were confused at why he didn’t see what he was supposed to see, and he had also mentioned there was a little bleeding obscuring the view. So they took Sophia to PICU and did a CAT scan, Dr. Cherny studied the results and at 5:45 PM Sophia was back in the operating room. Everything went well after that. The blockage was something like scar tissue, which he cut and then left a tube (that will stay for about one year), to avoid that to close again. Sophia was stable, and when we saw her back in PICU she had opened her eyes. Between the anesthesia, the morphine, and all other medications, she’ll probably stay sleepy for a while. Dr. Cherny explained that now he’ll be watching closely to see if the brain starts absorbing the fluids. We need to pray that it will. One of the areas were a lot of that absorption takes place is right by the artery that has the blood clots, and somehow it may affect that process (don’t ask me why!). Besides the brain being able to absorb fluids, the other issue still “pending” is the one with the blood clots. Hopefully everything will be okay and they’ll be able to start the blood thinner medication back by Friday night. I hope my 10 year old Karina is right: this morning she said “ This is IT. This is going to be the last surgery, they’ll fix what’s wrong, and from now on Sophia will start getting better!” :) Let’s pray that she is right :) !
God blessings to all of you,

Thanks to all for your prayers!

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