Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dr Seuss Goes to War

We all love Dr Seuss for his wonderful children's' books, such as The Cat in the Hat. What most don't know is that he was a pro-war political cartoonist prior to the entry of the United States into WWII.

What many also don't know, is that the Catholic Priests, Fr Coughlin ("The Radio Priest") and Msgr Ryan did much to, in the public eye, equate the term "Social Justice" with Socialism. Lest you think Nazi Germany was anything but National Socialism, check out the following 1942 Dr Seuss cartoon:

This is from the book "Dr Seuss Goes to War (1999). Lots more interesting cartoons there!

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Book: From Luther to Hitler

Fulton Sheen's book "Philosophies at War" had a footnote to a book called "From Luther to Hitler" (1941). I recently ran across my copy, and was excited to find that the book is available to read online! The author was Professor William Montgomery McGovern, whom some have proposed was the original type for Indian Jones. His exploits, interesting in their own right, pale when one looks at the philosophical trail he travels, from the thought of Martin Luther to the philosophical underpinnings of Nazi and Fascist ideology. I might add, also found deeply entrenched in our decadent western culture today.

So, to save you spending $187 to purchase a used original copy, or the $40 Indian reprint, here's the link to read it online: