Wednesday, May 25, 2005


There is a nice web page on incorruptibles here. included is our dear Bl. Margaret of Castello, with pictures. The web site, Living Miracles, is devoted to a file on documented miracles.

Todays Liturgy of the Hours

...contains the following gem from St. Augustine's Confessions

[Lord,] when you fill someone, you relieve him of his burden, but because I am not yet filled with you, I am a burden to myself.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Action at Homedale property

On Friday, May 20, the well driller started! pictures here and here. So far, the well is "spudded in," a great term for Idaho, wouldn't you say?

The ol' Yeller lawn mower (seen in pictures above) finally bit the dust. A 1972 JC Penny mower, we acquired it 5 years ago and have seriously abused it season after season. The first year I broke the transmission (split the cases). I obtained a replacement from a different make and hung it in with muffler U-bolts! The mowing deck tore itself to pieces two years ago, and we obtained a replacement from a junk & salvage mower back-yard business. This last year the gear shift lever broke off and mice ate the electrics, but we managed to get it back together again. This last expiration may be just that, the last.

After pricing the proper type of new equipment (and going into sever sticker-shock), I decided to add yet another item to my collection of vintage machines. In fact, this 1950 Ferguson TO-20 tractor was restored by Alen Mabe, an old aquaintance in the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club, and it will join my 1955 Matchless and 1953 Vincent as yet another old trusty beast in my stable!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


We speak biblically of The Rock Who saves us,

but this is a bit different...
Now, there's something you don't see in my neighborhood everyday!

Belaboring the obvious

I found this quote in "Social Justice Review" this morning; as quoted by Abp Raymond Burke:

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
It's wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

- John Adams, 2nd US president, Oct 11, 1798

Monday, May 09, 2005

Meditation on the Holy Trinity

It the 15 books of his volume “On the Trinity,” St. Augustine explores the Trinitarian nature of God and how that is reflected in man, made in God’s image. For the thesis is simple enough; if God is a Trinity and we are made in God’s image, then how is that Trinity reflected in us? If interested, read the book. I’m going to skip to the end of this complex work and give you the preview of how it ends, then offer my own extension. May God come to my assistance.

read the rest here.


Have you ever looked up at the clouds in awe and wonder, awe that in the cloud Jesus had left his apostles, and in wonder, that in the same way he will come again. When, Lord Jesus, O when will you return? O clouds which bring the rain which gives life to parched earth, when will you bring The Life?

Read the rest here:


Found this in the Summa of the Christian Life, Ven Louis of Granada, Vol 2


O God, all powerful, who knowest all things, who hadst neither beginning nor end, who dost give, preserve, and reward all virtues; deign to make me steadfast on the solid foundation of faith, to protect me with the impregnable shield of hope, and to adorn me with the garment of charity.

Give me justice, to submit to Thee; prudence, to avoid the snares of the enemy; temperance, to keep the just medium; fortitude, to bear adversities with patience.

Grand me to impart willingly to others whatever I possess that is good, and to ask humbly of others that I may partake of the good of which I am destitute; to confess truly my faults; to bear with equanimity the pains and evils which I suffer. Grant that I may never envy the good of my neighbor, and that I may always return thanks for Thy graces.

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