Sunday, December 18, 2016

Catholic Worldview -- Chapter Mtg December 17, 2016.

At its December 17, 2016 meeting the Chapter reviewed the reading of St Dominic by Fr Alban Butler in the 1859 edition of his works.  The reading is a short yet thorough review of St Dominic's life. The Chapter also reviewed the Saturday biblical reading from Genesis 42:2-8-10 and Matthew 1:1-17.

At the meeting's end the Chapter discussed the proper view we should have for one another and for our family and other people in this world who are our neighbors.  We cannot ignore--as the world does--the fallen nature of his mankind; but we can view others through a Catholic or biblical worldview in contrast to a political or a secular ideological worldview.  The source of a Catholic worldview is the Truth.

The manner of speaking to others from a Catholic worldview is not to condemn others, or commit gossip, calumny, or detraction, but to see other people as Christ sees other people.

The world and those who accept the world's perspective views other people through the lense of judgment, condemnation, status or politics.  A good example of this error is the political worldview the moral case of abortion.

As a Catholic, we understand the moral absolute that the killing of the innocent is always wrong and we do not weigh it against the relative nature of other morals rights or wrongs. The worldly political view will always engage some truth from a relative point of view.

In the end the Catholic worldview looks to the Truth and applies it to the world we live in in charity; where a political or ideological worldview will ultimately give excuse to moral depravity and sin.