Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Aquinas!

Just received this and thought it good to pass along to those who might be interested.
Dear Friends,

As many of you already know, The Aquinas Institute has continued steadily publishing the works of St. Thomas in highly admired hardcover English-Latin editions. We have completed the first phase of our publishing project with the following sets:

We are now turning our attention to the rest of the Opera Omnia -- and we need your help! We have kept and plan to keep the cost of our volumes low to make them widely available, but as a result we are able to do the initial print run of volumes as they are funded through donations. For a limited time, donors will receive a complimentary copy of the volumes they help fund.

Go to our website to use your donation as a vote for what will be printed next -- and to be among the first to receive a copy of that set. Once a volume has been funded, this offer of a complimentary copy will cease for that volume, and we will then sell it via Amazon.

We have editors and translators lined up for most of the works of Aquinas, but we will focus our efforts on the works that are most funded by you, our readers. Please spread the word by sending this email to any of your colleagues or friends who might be interested.
God Bless,
Peter Kwasniewski

Monday, November 04, 2013

New pictures from Cross of Remembrance

Bonnie Fitzpatrick has been working hard to finish the Cross of Remembrance project, and here are some new photos!

Looks much larger than it actually is. Here's another perspective.


Rather nice work. The center open space will be where the statue of Blessed Margaret of Castello, patroness of the unborn and unwanted, will be placed.