Sunday, May 22, 2005

Action at Homedale property

On Friday, May 20, the well driller started! pictures here and here. So far, the well is "spudded in," a great term for Idaho, wouldn't you say?

The ol' Yeller lawn mower (seen in pictures above) finally bit the dust. A 1972 JC Penny mower, we acquired it 5 years ago and have seriously abused it season after season. The first year I broke the transmission (split the cases). I obtained a replacement from a different make and hung it in with muffler U-bolts! The mowing deck tore itself to pieces two years ago, and we obtained a replacement from a junk & salvage mower back-yard business. This last year the gear shift lever broke off and mice ate the electrics, but we managed to get it back together again. This last expiration may be just that, the last.

After pricing the proper type of new equipment (and going into sever sticker-shock), I decided to add yet another item to my collection of vintage machines. In fact, this 1950 Ferguson TO-20 tractor was restored by Alen Mabe, an old aquaintance in the Idaho Vintage Motorcycle Club, and it will join my 1955 Matchless and 1953 Vincent as yet another old trusty beast in my stable!

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