Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sophia update!

Sophia is out of PICU and back in the regular pediatrics area. The blood clot is there, and as I have mentioned before, it may take months for it to go away, so as long as everything else continues to improve she’ll remain in blood thinning medication, even after going home. When you look at her, she looks better, because she’s not swollen (she has the drain tube still). But she’s asleep a lot, and alert off and on. One good thing is that she’s eating now. Veronica and Scott asked for the feeding tube to be removed, because she was feeling miserable with it and didn’t want to eat, so mom and dad knew best J and now she’s eating on her own. The last couple of days she’s been “complaining” a lot. We don’t think she’s hurting, but she’s not happy. Dr. Cherny explained that after a prolonged stay at the hospital, and not being able to have a normal sleep pattern this restlessness, and irritability may happen. So now they are trying to help her sleep better, by turning lights off, turning off phones and even giving her a little Benadryl. It hasn’t helped quite yet, hopefully they’ll find a way for her to start sleeping better so that her brain and body can get better rest, so necessary for her recovery. There are still several things that need to improve before they even start talking about “going home”. They are still trying to find the right balance of medications for her kidney, control her fever, etc. She still needs to get stronger, walk, be more alert, feed herself. So we are just waiting, one day at a time. And here’s a fun story … As they were giving her the first bite of her breakfast one day, she motioned with her hand to wait, put her hands together in prayer and said grace J. Please continue to pray for Sophia’s recovery, and for Veronica, Scott and Matias. God bless you all, Daniela

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  1. What a blessing this wonderful little girl is!!!! Prayers continue!