Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Prayer request from the Dominican Sisters in Iraq

The following prayer request came by way of the province.


Dear Sisters,
It is my practice to talk regularly to Sister Maria Hanna, the prioress general of my congregation, to assure the safety of our sisters. Yesterday she informed me that a truck bomb exploded very close to our mother house in Mosul about 6:15 p.m. on March 6, while all the sisters were praying in the chapel. The sound of broken glass from the windows crashing against the walls and the ground was horrible. Flying dust prevented vision.

At first they thought that the bomb car was in the convent courtyard. After making sure everyone was safe, this sisters moved from the chapel to see what had happened. All the doors were damaged and opened. The wooden ones were broken and all the windows broken. There was glass everywhere. The
curtains were in shreds on the ground, all the furniture and the books in the library were upside down. Sister Maria s bedroom was the most heavily damaged. The sisters were obliged to stay awake the last night because the building was completely open and insecure.

The sisters were grateful to the Providence that saved them from this real danger, and as a sign of thanksgiving to the Lord, they went back to the chapel to complete their prayer and to celebrate a Mass of thanksgiving, because a priest was there by chance.

Sister Maria said to me, “Isn’t that a miracle! I am sure that prayer does miracles! We feel we are more courageous; myself and all the sisters depend on the prayer of our sisters, brothers and friends. Please tell them to keep praying.”

Of course, there was a big damage and horror in the region around the convent, too. At this time we don t know the extent of the causalities and damage in the neighborhood. Thank you again for your prayer, and thanks be to the Lord for all His mercy.
With much love and prayers

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