Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sophia - Surgery this morning

This was sent last night, but my ISP didn't deliver it till this morning:

Hello everyone,
Tomorrow Sophia is having surgery at 7:00 AM. They are going to go in with a scope to see what’s blocking the channel that connects two of the ventricles. They are not sure what it is, some of the possibilities: scar tissue or debris from the prior surgery. This blockage is preventing the fluids to travel the brain as they should and therefore the fluids don’t get absorbed by the body as they should. This explains why they had to put the drain tube back and the amount of fluids that is coming out that way. The surgery is less complicated than the ones Sophia already had, so hopefully it will be quite shorter. One of the worries, however, is the fact that they had to stop the blood thinning medication 24 hours prior to the surgery and not give it back to her until 40 hours after surgery to diminish the possibility of bleeding. As you probably remember, this blood thinning medication is helping the blood circulation in the brain, to deal with the blood clots that are still there. Let’s pray that the blood clot problem won’t get worse because of that. Today Sophia was
quite sleepy because of the medication they gave her before the MRI. They did manage to give her breakfast and make her walk in the morning. Dr. Cherny was going to stop by at 8:30 PM to discuss more details about tomorrow’s surgery
and to go over the MRI. Scott talked to Dr. Johans today, who reaffirmed that this surgery was simple, compared to the others. Let’s pray that everything will go smoothly and that Sophia will truly turn the corner after this J !! God bless each and everyone of you, Daniela

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