Monday, March 19, 2007

Sophia is HOME!

This just arrived.

I know, I’m way overdue with my emails, I’m so sorry. I have GREAT news. Sophia is HOME !!! All the therapy she needs now can be done from home, with outpatient treatment done at the Elk’s. We don’t think Sophia quite knows that “she’s back home” because we don’t think she remembers anything about the hospital, surgeries, etc. But she’s again surrounded by all the things that make her happy, and all the things that we know will speed up her recovery. As I had mentioned on other emails, being home does not mean she’s “back to normal”, and she still needs our prayers. Her brain is not “back to normal”, she’s still confused, she doesn’t remember things (she will ask for food, and you’ll tell her she just had lunch but she doesn’t remember, or she’ll imagine that she just did something like “going up the attic”); and we still don’t know how well she sees. Yesterday we were having he draw, we were happy to see that she recognized all the colors. But at certain point she was going to draw a face and when she started drawing the eyes she started crying because she said she needed to draw the pupils but she couldn’t see. It broke our hearts. She gets tired easily and asks to be in bed, she wants to sleep a lot. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, we are thrilled that she’s home, and we celebrate each little thing she’s able to do now. I just want to give you a realistic picture, since “being home” to me, usually means everything is fine. We are thrilled with the new things she’s able to do though. Every day she’s getting a little stronger. She can walk pretty much by herself now, and we help her go up and down the stairs every opportunity we have to build up strength on her legs. She’s eating by herself and she has quite an appetite!! Veronica is doing much better with the 3 shots a day she needs to give her, and I think eventually Sophia will stop fighting the medications (6 things in the morning and 6 at night so hopefully it’ll become a routine for her). Yesterday we took her to enjoy the sun outside, we were just sitting in the backyard, trying to keep her awake, to see if she’ll start sleeping longer at night. Scott and Veronica are trying to get used to new things and new routines, but what a difference being home makes. Matias is so happy, he talks non stop. I’ll be sending you new pictures as soon as I get some. I will also start spreading out the emails more; I won’t be filling your inboxes anymore. I have been asked by many of you to continue the updates, so I thought maybe once a week I’ll send you a photo and a summary. I’ve been praying many prayers of thanksgiving; our Lord has been so good to Sophia and to all of us. He has showered us with blessings, and you are one of those blessings that we are so thankful for. Thank you for being there for Sophia and the rest of our family through all of this. God bless each and every one of you, Daniela

The Renaisance Chancel Choir of St. John's Cathedral, will offer sung Choral Vespers at 6PM, Wed Mar 21, for the intention of Sophia's healing. ALL are invited!