Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This was sent very late last night.

Today we have nothing but wonderful news. This morning they did a full MRI. The ventricles are very close to being back to NORMAL size. They did the test with dye looking again for any remaining cells from the tumor, and found NOTHING. And last but not least, the blood clots are practically all gone !!!!! This was a shock, nobody was expecting it. As I have told you before we knew that the blood clots would probably remain there for many months, and in 50% of cases those types of blood clots, as they were told, stay there for life. Imagine what a relief it was to find out they are pretty much gone. Sophia remained awake longer than usual today, she did great with the occupational therapist, knew the answers to all the questions, from her teacher’s name to how old she was, etc, etc. She ate by herself, and talked on the phone with Matias. She’s supposed to eat as many calories as possible, so I had brought her a chocolate-peanut butter shake from Jamba Juice (550 calories a shake!) and Veronica said she finished it! Later she had a big dinner, and when I talked to Veronica she was having a cookie :). Yes, our prayers are being heard! Some of us may have gone through some days when we were wondering why God wasn’t answering our prayers; but as Mother Angelica reminds us “God is answering your prayer in many ways through many voices and even through His Silence. Listen to Him. His answer may not be the answer you want or expect right now, but He is telling you something at this very moment Open your heart to Him and let Him in.” God bless you all, Daniela

what an awesome birthday gift; thank you, gracious Lord. Should I be surprised that you use a child to bring our hearts together, overcoming time and distance?

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