Monday, March 05, 2007

Overdue Maintenance

I converted to the new blogger, but have not yet converted to the new template, which is how to get support for the new "label" feature. I did my own hack to sort of use labels, but it doesn't get to the older ones, only as many as the post count per page. So... Do I want to do this? NO! Am I going to? Hey, I program Microsoft, change for the sake of change.

You have no doubt heard the old saw, "The only thing that never changes is change"

Well, think about it! WHO does that deny?

Do you know that St. Augustine said that Satan, the prince of the world, is the author of constant change. When we grow tired of constant change, we turn to the one who is constant and unchanging, and we find the church, which, like Her Divine Spouse, does not change. (OK, so S. Augustine was pre VII. I'm sure he'd agree with Pope Benedict XVIs Hermaneutic of continuity.)

sometimes I think the prince of this world is also behind this:

Maybe this is what the swan-dive Jesus ressurifix is all about...

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  1. [Sigh] You finally had to make the big move. Well, you survived the departure of mainframes and punch cards; you can survive this too.

    The new template looks pretty good!