Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update & pictures

I just got back from the hospital. Sophia is doing well, asleep most of the time, and a little confused when she wakes up, but they say that’s normal. The cute story for the day was when she sat down and started taking her robe off because “she had to get dressed and go to school”. These are all normal things and actually good, the nurses loved seeing that kind of interaction and to see the strength she had in her arms and legs as she sat down to do that. This afternoon they started her with her thyroid medication that she will be taking daily. As I was saying before, it’ll be a very slow process, but she’s a little fighter. I’m including a couple of photos that I took this afternoon, the tape that looks like a headband is covering the incision. Please keep those wonderful prayers going her way. God bless you all, Daniela Ysursa


  1. excellent.

    Tell her no dawdling in bed. Work to do.

    To confirm: eyes *seem* like perfect???? Problem with p gland, b ut can be taken care of with medication???

  2. Prayers continue for this little darling! And her parents! And doctors!

  3. Apparently hormone replacement therapy can make up for the severed gland, but they wont know for a couple days if the vision is damaged or not.

    When doctors use the term 'miracle,' that's pretty amazing.