Friday, February 23, 2007

Update on Sophia

Just in:

Sophia was moved from intensive care to the pediatrics area yesterday. Although it’s good to know she’s not longer considered “critical”, it’ll take a little time to get used to not having the constant care she had there, where she had her own nurse watching her and all these machines monitoring everything for you. Yesterday, for example, Sophia had been restless all day and Veronica wanted her to rest and sleep. But as soon as she looked as she was asleep, we felt like waking her up to make sure she was okay :). She’s now only hooked to the feeding tube. The nurse comes every so often to check her vitals and give her the medications. Because she’s been weaned off the steroids, she’s more swollen. And the fever still goes up and down quite a bit, yesterday she had a temperature almost all day. In the morning Sophia did very well with her speech therapist but she wasn’t as cooperative with the physical therapist (her “P.E. teacher” as Scott would tell her).

We still don’t know about her vision, we don’t know if she sees us when we are around her, we don’t know how well and clear she sees anything, we don’t know if she can see from both eyes, we have to wait, and that is hard. When I saw her in the evening she was hallucinating quite a bit, that seems to get worse later during the day. We need to keep reminding ourselves that it’ll take time, we need to keep praying for strength and patience, one day at a time. It’s a miracle that she’s as well as she is, and that she hasn’t had any complications. Let’s keep praying that it will continue being that way and that we can continue seeing improvement. Let’s pray for the swelling of her face, for her vision, for the fever to go down. Let’s continue praying for her doctors, her nurses, and for Veronica, Scott and Matias. THANK YOU !! God bless you and your families, Daniela

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