Thursday, February 08, 2007

Clear thinking

I received a complimentary copy of "Catholic World News" yesterday. It contained an article about the bishops appointed by Pope Benedict XVI. I was struck by the following quote, taken from the Oct 8, 2006 homily at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, where Bishop Tartaglia, diocese of Paisley, Scottland, speaking out against abortion, homosexual unions, and civil divorce, had this to say:

“Unfortunately, in our times, the minds of many have been so darkened by hubris and by the selfish pursuit of their own gratification that they have lost sight of the natural law which God has written into his creation so that even those who do not believe in him may reach out for the truth and so be disposed, however inchoately, to God’s presence in the world. Even if they cannot be blamed for not having faith, I suspect that God will call them to account for ignoring the promptings of their own right reason. They are fortunate that He is more merciful than they are!”

Entire homily may be read here


  1. note to Jon Keenan:

    I have replied to your inquiry.

  2. note to Simon-Peter:

    I have ordered the second book.
    Thanks for the recommendations.
    I'm sipping Dom Marmion like fine wine. heady stuff.