Monday, January 28, 2008

Turning to the Lord

Interesting quotes from Sandro Magister at Chiesa Online; I wanted to focus on just one item because we shall be seeing more of it.

The Roman Curia Wakes Up and Strikes Three Blows

As for the celebrant "turning his back to the faithful":

"In the circumstances in which the celebration takes place in this manner, this is not so much a question of turning one's back to the faithful, but rather of orienting oneself toward the Lord, together with the faithful. From this point of view, instead of being closed the door is opened for the faithful, to lead them to the Lord. In the Eucharistic liturgy, the participants do not look at one another; they look to the One who is our East, the Savior."

[. . .]

Returning to the orientation of the celebration, to understand to what extent the words of master of pontifical ceremonies Guido Marini reflect the thought of Benedict XVI, it is enough to note what the pope said in this passage from his last general audience on Wednesday, January 23:

"In the liturgy of the ancient Church, after the homily the bishop or presider of the celebration, the main celebrant, said: 'Conversi ad Dominum'. Then he himself and everyone else stood up and faced the East. Everyone wanted to look toward Christ."

Turning to the Lord; the disciples on the road to Emmaus turn and recognize the risen Jesus; we see Mary Magdalene turn and recognize the risen Jesus; let us hear what the Holy Father is telling us, and turn to Jesus as well.


  1. Saying Mass ad orientum (sp) makes so much more sense and leads us toward a more correct understanding of the Mass as sacrifice.

    I have a feeling I'll be dead and buried before something like that happens in Idaho:(

  2. such is patience; if it comes after us, it still comes in His good time.