Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LA Times Opinion

This is a very revealing article. Never mind that the abortion movement never had the moral high ground...

Abortion's battle of messages

It's not 1973. Pro-choice forces must adjust to regain the moral high ground.
By Frances Kissling and Kate Michelman
January 22, 2008

Science facilitated the swing of the pendulum. Three-dimensional ultrasound images of babies in utero began to grace the family fridge.
I just never thought I'd never see the day when prominent feminazis would refer to the pre-born as "babies." No moral high ground to reclaim (except by abandoning their homicidal high-horse), the only high ground they ever occupied was that of raw power.

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  1. Where I am holidaying in South Australia, I notice they have advertisments for cattle markets of steers and bulls and cows AND EMBRYOS! If they can sell (for big money) a cow embryo - because they, and we, know that it is really a cow - how come they won't admit a human embryo is really a human?