Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A breath of fresh air

I've lifted a paragraph from an interesting article that Fr. Z linked to in an article on "Looking to the Lord"

A breath of fresh air is wafting through St Peter’s

James MacMillan
Friday January 18, 2008

This is the basis of the new positivist impulse among young Catholics, disdained and dismissed by some of their elders as conservative and reactionary. In the new generation, we need to rediscover the optimism that lay at the heart of Vatican II. We need to confront the radical dissatisfaction that led many 1960s Catholics to turn away from or against the Church. We need to challenge their disdain for tradition and that smug superiority that many Catholics of a certain age display towards the deep pieties of the ordinary, “old-fashioned” faithful. Catholic liberalism has had its day, and the legacy of Vatican II requires us to understand the pernicious, corrosive effects of the pick-and-mix tendency.

The entire article is worth a read

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