Friday, January 18, 2008

The Cautionary End of the Spirit of Vatican II

Jeff Mirus at Catholic Culture has written an intersting fisk of a Commonweal article, The Other Health Crisis: Why Priests Are Coping Poorly,
in which he notes that the author has admitted the bankruptcy of the so-called Spirit of Vatican II, and has only despair to offer:

Jeff writes:

What are we to make of an article which, in the process of concluding that there is nothing to be done, displays such an animus against precisely those spiritual solutions which have ever been at the heart of a vibrant Catholicism? What does it all mean? That’s the question which makes the article so fascinating, the question to which it is critical to understand the answer. For what it all means is that the Milwaukee mindset is so far gone in its sins that the only way open is despair. The so-called spirit of Vatican II which has wielded such a terrible power for the past forty years was nothing more than a euphoric baptism of secular utopianism. After such a long and continuous demonstration of its bankruptcy, many of its proponents have prudently stopped calling for more of the same. One might now hope for self-understanding, repentance and true renewal. But if our Commonweal article is any guide—and I believe it is—what we are witnessing instead is the only result consistent with a lack of repentance, that is, despair.

An interesting article, well worth reading.

as an aside, I finished reading "The Second Spring of the Church in America" by Msgr George A. Kelly, and one of the keys he offers is "De-nationalize the problem" - which I took to mean "dismantle the USCCB" - One of the prime agents working for the destruction of the Church in the US for the last 40 years.

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