Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer fun!?*&#!

St. Augustine likened heresy in the Church to the mythical Hydra; lop of one head and two grow back. I have another candidate: Tribulus terrestris L. , an amazing little terror that one certainly can respect while seeking to eradicate it!

20 gallons of Round-up down over this last weekend, towards the goal of:

The ugly bug that looks like the answer, however.

But the faux-paws is cute, though.


  1. I've heard the secret to eradicating goat heads is to water. The plant is apparently hydrophobic, so to speak.

  2. The web site linked mentioned that unfortunate misconception, which may have started with noticing that goatheads don't grow in riparian habitat; ie: underwater. Watering will give you a great growth of vigorously virile goatheads! What they don't like is competition with something like lawn, which chokes them out. They thrive on the wet ditchbanks.

    I saw goatheads in Jerusalem. It could explain the short tempers of folks living there!

  3. Bonjour, est-ce que les goatheads in Jerusalem le raison de le guerre?