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In a prior note posted entitled, “Social Justice must Serve the Truth,” an example was given regarding the Dominican Order at the United Nations.

As stated in that small tome, the website at was reviewed carefully. Also stated as an example in that paper was the issue of abortion.

The current and archived documents at that website were reviewed. There was no mention with regard to the issue of abortion or like issues at the United Nations. This example does not discount other appropriate issues that the Dominicans at the United Nations may involve themselves. If the Dominicans at that level are involved in the issue of abortion, then I tip my hat. However, there is little evidence at their website of any such action or position.

As you know, abortion is the prominent issue of our day. If a Christian is to stand up for any issue—this is the one especially in a political arena like the United Nations.

However, right now at the international level, there is a dynamic issue involving abortion.

And, the Dominicans at the United Nations can make a difference.

The Idaho Lay Dominicans are asking the social justice promoter or her designee, to bring this challenge to the appropriate authority of the Order.

Last October, the Nicaraguan national Parliament passed a law unanimously modified its penal code to ban all abortions.

Prior to that vote, United Nations officials and representatives, including officials from UNICEF and the UN Population Fund tried to persuade the Nicaraguan government from voting on that issue.

That letter came from officials including European Union officials, the UN Development Program and others mentioned above hinting that foreign aid monies would be withheld if the abortion restrictions were passed by the Parliament.

In February of this year, Marc Litvine, a European Union [EU] liaison to Nicaragua was trying to pressure Nicaragua to reverse that law. Litvine had noted that the EU was “worried” about the criminalization of abortion and that the EU saw the law in Nicaragua as a backward step.

Most recently, Bert Koenders, minister of foreign affairs for the Netherlands threatened to withhold foreign aid to Nicaragua unless the nation reversed its law.

As reported by FreeRepublic, “Koenders wants the United Nations and the EU to both crack down on pro-life countries and ‘put women’s rights higher on the agenda.’” Nicaragua has been threatened before by other members states of the EU.

It is apparent that there is little respect for the sovereignty of Nicaragua by these member states.

The faith in Europe is dying. The population growth is as well. As noted by Raimundo Rojas, Hispanic outreach director for National Right to Life has said, “[T]he EU is bulling lesser developed nations into accepting their failed policies on abortion, … Europe is dying, many European nations are at a negative birth rate—they have in fact aborted themselves into this position.”

Americas for Human Rights Watch, a New York-based organization, has taken the new law to court in Nicaragua. That Nation’s highest Court will rule on that issue soon.

If the pro-choice people lose the Nicaraguan claim in court, then they will likely turn to the UN Human Rights Commission in New York or an autonomous organ of the Organization of American States known as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for political and juridical appeal.

This is where the Dominicans at the United Nations can step in. There are existing organizations at the United Nations that need help with pro-life help. These include the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. (See link below).

The Dominicans could intervene legally, make a plea to the various UN commissions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and make a loud plea to the General Assembly to end this extortion of Nicaragua, and violations of its sovereignty, and rights as a nation.

Other concrete actions that could be taken by the Dominicans at the United Nations is to step alongside other international pro-life groups, write documents, intercede by prayerful intercession, as well as oral statements at the various UN committees and commissions and challenge the thinking that is so deeply rooted at the UN.

If the Order of Preaches picks up this banner in this day and age, and stands rightly in principle against any form of murder, mayhem, slavery, or other type of human rights violation, then we can and will make a difference.





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5. copy of UN/EU/Canada letter to Nicaragua regarding reversal of the law (in Spanish):

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