Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pray, pay, and obey!?

Romano Amerio, in Iota Unum, demolishes the stereotype that the laity prior to Vatican II had no input in the church, but rather were expected to "pray, pay, and obey." He provides the historical context which demonstrates that this canard is a totally false representation, whose real presense is to introduce something else altogether; submission of the Church to the opinions expressed in the media (hardly the input of the laity).

I was struck by one example of the opinions of the laity having influence on the Church; Amerio reports that during the 17th century when French priests spoke out against the Immaculate Conception, the laity quite literally dragged them from the pulpit!

Any history buffs have a suggestion as to where to read more about this interesting bit of Church history?

BTW, Amerio names Cardinal Suenens as the originator of this canard; just googling the name and seeing the response, I am not surprised, as he appears to be one of the authors/promoters of "the hermeneutic of rupture."

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  1. I can't honsestly say I know where to read more about the faithful dragging priests out of their pulpits for speaking against the Immaculate Conception, but clearly, they were reading St. John Chrysostom!