Thursday, July 19, 2007

Litany of the Martyrs of Vietnam

Mike Turner OPL, of the Bl. Margaret of Castello Chapter of the Third Order of Preachers, has composed a "Litany of the Martyrs of Vietnam."

Today I received the following from Most Reverend Michael P. Driscoll, Bishop of Boise:

We extend our thanks to our dear Bishop, and also to Mark Raper, Director of the Office of Canonical Affairs, whose assistance in obtaining this permission was instrumental in overcoming my ignorance of how to accomplish such a goal.

Here is the litany.

NOTE: the original post had images of the first and third pages, the second was missing. Follow the link now for the full litany. Apologies.

(We will also produce and distribute a suitable PDF version.)


  1. Oh yes please...I can use this in my parish! WE have a HUGE Vitenamese presence.

    I'll check back for the pdf version.

  2. The public recitation of this Litany at our retreat this past weekend, assured me again how good God is, and how important He is in our lives.

    The prayers of the Saints are presented to God as shown in Rev 8:4, where it does not distinguish between those in heaven or on earth, and proves once more the Communion of Saints.


  3. Mark, thanks a lot for finding the second page (in addition to everything else you've done to rescue this effort!) The dates of martyrdom shown to the right of the invocations of each of the 117 saints are not part of the prayer as it is to be recited, but are informative footnotes.

    Some digits appear to have been lost for saints, I believe, 84 and 85 in the list. St. Paul Le Van Loc gave his life on Feb. 13, 1859, and St. Dominic Dinh Cam was martyred on Mar. 11, 1859.

    From various sources, I have seen variations in the names of the saints. This mostly involves (but is not restricted to) the ordering of the Vietnamese names. In the near future, I intend to post the lists from various sources, in case readers of the Dominican Idaho web site encounter these variations (as I have) and become confused. (I have no more enlightenment to offer than to say that yes, variations are out there.)

    -- Mike Turner, OPL