Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Blogger won't let me title entries today for some reason, but Athanasius contra mundo at 50 Days After tagged me with a meme to list my favorite blogs.

My confession; I use the links on what I think of as "friends and family" blogs to run through my list; there are so many good blogs, I can't read them all, but these have touched me in one way or another.

So from the links at V-for Victory I hit the links for Father R's Orthometer, Bill's Is My Phylactery Showing? and paramedicgirl's Salve Regina. From there, I jump to Angela Messenger. From there I'll check in on The Crescat and always Mulier Fortis, which leads me to Fr. Tim at Hermeneutic of Continuity, and then to Fr Z at What Does the Prayer Really Say?. From there I'll check RORATE CÆLI, and The New Liturgical Movement. depending on mood, if serious, I'll drop in on Disputations, if not, The Curt Jester; for soothing, The Roving Medievalist (?), and round it out (?) with The Lair of the Catholic Cavemen and Simon-Peter Says. Somewhere in all this I usually peek in on Overheard in the Sacristy as well.

I'm also delighted to find two more Idaho Catholic bloggers, Athanasius contra mundo and Idaho Catholic, so now I have a bit more to be peeking in on!

/edit/ July 11, 2007
I forgot to tag anyone with this meme, so if your conscience tells you that you have been tagged, obey!

Also, greetings to my neighbor, Desert Dreamer, at A country girl's journal. Please consider visiting next weekend during the retreat!

update 7/13
Two more Idaho bloggers!

Into the Deep (of course, Mike!)


Truth to power by Briana LeClaire

Thanks Abe!


  1. Mark, I live about 5 miles from the chapter house on the Oregon side. We hear NOTHING of you. I would like to come and visit the chapter house. Would this be possible?
    You can email me at slthomas@widaho.com
    Thanks so much!
    Tracy Thomas
    p.s. I came across your blog by googling latin liturgy. It's a miracle!

  2. I'm honoured to be on your list of favourite blogs, Mark! Lots of my favourites on on your list, as well. There, now I don't have to make my own post of favourite blogs!

  3. Other Idaho Catholic bloggers include: