Friday, November 19, 2010

New book

A new book on Bl. Margaret of Castello is out.

Well, actually more of a pamphlet... It's from the Catholic Truth Society

From the back cover:
Patroness of the disabled and marginalized Margaret's story shows how God has a purpose for even the most unfortunate and disadvantaged; that his gifts may shine strongly in any of us, whatever our situation in this life. Young, small, blind, lame, unattractive, a hunchback who was rejected by her parents, in today's world she would certainly have been another victim of abortion. Yet, despite her severe disadvantages, 'Little Margaret' emerged as an exemplary model of selfless love. In recognition of this she was beatified, and now the cause for her canonization is recognized in Rome. Invoked as the patroness of the disabled and unwanted, there are shrines to her in America where she is revered as patron of the disabled and the marginalized.

Alan Frost has authored other titles for CTS, including St Louis-Marie de Montfort.


  1. Of course, one of those shrines to Bl. Margaret is located at our Dominican parish of St. Patrick in Columbus, OH:

  2. Nice to see your post on this book over at the Friar's blog!

    I had the opportunity in the 80s to visit Zanesville for work; I liked it!