Saturday, November 06, 2010

More on recent travels

Time to catch up a bit on traveling - a reflective moment after arriving in Bantry, Ireland. Germany... remember Germany?

A week before we'd attended the Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart, Germany. Here's a view from the giant ferris wheel:

The "beer tents" are at the very far upper left in this picture; you really can't get a sense of their immense size, reputedly they hold 5000 each! here's a view which shows the size:

Yes, there are three of them shown. "Tent" is a stretch, although the roofs are actually canvas. Inside there is some serious pouring going on!

Which means, better get some food under it. marvelous at that!

The Germans there seem to be very friendly...

Although there was one dick-head:

Generally, a happy and enthusiastic crowd enjoying the live music.

and as the evening wore on (we arrived around 4), folks got even livelier, moving from the floors to the tabletops!

Live music from Tina Turner!  Oh wait, thats... well, a really good impersonator by voice if not looks

As the evening wore on, my young photographers seem to have lost something in their photography skills as they gained something in beer consumption! oh wait, did I take that picture? hummm. Second-hand alcohol at work here! Yeah, that's it!

All things considered, not a bad vacation day, considering that 24 hours before Emily had been in Kampala, Uganda...

Thank you Stuttgart, Dorothy, Tina Turner...

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