Tuesday, June 08, 2010


The Western Tanagers have not moved on yet. They normally only stay a couple days but it's been a month since the first sighting. Of course, I haven't quite completely "returned" from Lourdes yet either...

They are beautiful birds but their call is, well, not as pretty. Yesterday I heard the most bizzare bird sound I think I've ever heard; a starling immitating a croaking frog! Pretty good immitation, but really now...

Thursday evening five new priests will be ordained at the Cathedral for the diocese, and I'll be singing some of the material with the Chancel Choir. As some of that OCP music gets sung, forgive me if I'm thinking of that starling... very distracting! These are excellent young men and thanks be to God for their offering of their lives in service, and may He grant them great unending patience for all the croaking frogs they will have to put up with for the next 50 years; may the Lord send them refreshment in the form of faithful parishoners to sooth their hearts.

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