Wednesday, June 02, 2010

wandering across France

The vineyards were a reminder of work yet undone here in Idaho!

as far as the eye could see...

But after a day's drive, why not stop in Nevers, and stay the night at the convent where Bernadette spent the remainder of her life? Behind these doors she lies, incorrupt. There we held mass in her presence, a remarkable experience.

I did not take this picture, but this is what we saw. exactly.

This is the Novitiate room where Bernadette, on entering the convent, under obedience ascended the podium and narated the events at Lourdes to the sisters, and then never spoke of it again to them.

The replica grotto was a nice preview of things to come


  1. Thanks, Mark. Your reverence shows through. I share it. Maybe .. one day .. who knows?

  2. to wander across Oz? yes, one day.