Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Le Cachot

When Bernadette's family became destitute, they were allowed to live in the old jail, or "Le Cachot," which had been abandoned as "unfit for human habitation."

Today Le Cachot is a museum.

Just in case you had doubts that this was the jail... witness the window case!

Inside are a few of Bernadette's personal items:

The main room of the dwelling that was unfit habitation. What's that on the left?

a close up of this appliance. what is it?

If you guessed "kitchen sink" you guessed correct. If you guessed "family toilet," you are also correct. if you guessed both, you are right.


  1. Oy. That combination is ugly enough, but I didn't see a drain, or anyplace where anything could drain to. No wonder people had such short life expectancies back then.

  2. It's sad that she and her family lived here. But on the other hand, God allows it cause He has purpose on her.