Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sheet music needed

Looking for sheet music in modern notation for "Rorate Caeli Desuper"

if anyone knows of such on the internet that I can download, I'd appreciate it.

here's a nice rendering of the first two verses

I know, I know.... we've been practicing with square notation, but the modern notation is for the organist!


  1. And here is a Latin grammar question regarding the text of the same song.

    "Ne ultra memineris iniquitatis."
    "May you no longer remember [our] iniquities."

    I am puzzled by the form "iniquitatis." It looks like a genitive singular, where I am expecting an accusative plural.

    Is "memini, meminisse" a verb that takes a genitive object? (Even if so, why would the object be singular?)

    Any help will be appreciated. In the meantime, I will try snooping around.

  2. I received an answer regarding "memini, meminisse" on December 2 from Father Z. on the "What does the prayer really say" blog.

    Answer: "memini" takes a genitive object.