Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers for the Congo

This prayer request came today;

Dear Joyful Friends,
This urgent appeal for Prayers for The Congo has waited since the 2nd of November, because of the difficulties we had here with the Internet. Thank God we can share the Letter today. See you at Prayer Time!

Cet appel a la Priere attend depuis le 2 novembre pour quitter le Cameroon a cause des difficultes avec l'internet. Deo Gratias, elle pourra partir cet apres-midi. A tout a l'heure!

Queridos amigos alegre,
Este llamamiento urgente a la oración de El Congo ha esperado desde el 2 de noviembre, a causa de las dificultades que hemos tenido aquí con el Internet. Gracias a Dios, podemos compartir la Carta de hoy. Nos vemos en la Oración ¡Tiempo!

Joyful Marcus of Jesus and Mary,
St Catherine of Siena Lay Dominican Fraternity
Bamenda, CAMEROON.

S.O.S…. Prayers for our Sisters and Brothers, Lay Dominicans! in the Congo, plus Their other Sisters and Brothers in the Congo as a whole….

S.O.S. Nos Soeurs et Frères, Laics Dominicains, plus Leurs Frères est Soeurs, au Congo Kinshasa!

Dear Joyful Ones,
We are all witnesses of the difficult situation in the Congo where so many persons (among whom are Lay Dominicans !) have been displaced from their Homes….We can imagine all other ills attached to this situation: no schooling, no Church Services, raping, wide spread of diseases etc etc.
In these circumstances, we the Lay Dominicans in Africa raise a very very loud alarm inviting all our Lay Dominicans across the Continents, plus the ENTIRE Dominican Family to stand up as ONE person with our Rosaries before the Blessed Sacrament, asking Jesus and His Mother, Mary, to do something very special for each one of those Responsible for bringing about lasting Peace to the Congo.

Bien chers Joyeux,
Nous sommes tous témoins à la situation difficile en la République Démocratique du Congo ou tant d’enfants de Dieu (y inclus des Laics Dominicains) ont été dépaysés. Nous pouvons imaginer tous les autres maux liés à cette situation:point d’école, finie la célébraton de la Messe, le viol,les maladies répandues etc etc
En les circonstances pareilles, nous les Laics Dominicains en Afrique lancons un appel urgent invitant tous les Laics Dominicains dans les Continents, plus la Famille Dominicaine dans sa totalite: Ensemble, prenons nos Chaplets devant le Saint Sacrement et disons à Jesus et Sa Maman, Marie de faire quelquechose de special pour toucher le coeur de tous ceux responsables pour une Paix Durable au Congo.

Estimados unos alegres,
Todos somos testigos de la difícil situación en el Congo, donde tantas personas (entre los cuales son laicos dominicanos!) Han sido desplazadas de sus hogares .... Podemos imaginar todos los demás males adjunta a la presente situación: no hay escuela, no la Iglesia de Servicios, la violación de , Amplia propagación de enfermedades etc etc
En estas circunstancias, nosotros, los laicos dominicos en África plantean una muy fuerte alarma invitando a todos nuestros laicos dominicanos a través de los Continentes, además de TODA la Familia Dominicana a defender como una persona con nuestros Rosarios ante el Santísimo Sacramento, pidiendo a Jesús y su madre, María, a hacer algo muy especial para cada uno de los responsables para lograr una paz duradera en el Congo.

Sincerely yours in Saints Catherine and Dominic,
Joyful Marcus of Jesus and Mary
And from the Ugandan family that hosted my son:

We ask for your prayers for the people of Eastern Congo. How we wish that people with personal greed leave out the innocents to live their simple life without displacement! Here in Uganda, we are a bit okay, for there has not been fighting in the North for close to two years now. However, the effects of the 20 years on are so grave that we need God's intervention to heal the wounded hearts.

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  1. I woke up at about 5:20 on Monday morning, probably due to unnecessary cat activities. This was 40 minutes too early. Lying in bed, I started to recite a prayer rather mechanically. Suddenly, I caught myself, noticing that there was no fervor whatsoever to my prayer. My prayer was infused with all the enthusiasm of a stale hot dog bun left in a forgotten corner of the kitchen for the last six weeks.

    So what should I do about it? I decided to forge ahead with the prayer, in spite of my mummified personality. Then I fell asleep.

    I went to the 7:00 a.m. Mass and heard the reading from the Book of Revelation. It was a letter to the Church in Ephesus. Yes, you have kept the faith. You have recognized and resisted the apostolic impostors. But I hold this against you: you no longer have the love that you had at first. Repent, or I will take away your lampstand.

    Uh-oh. Can it be that the 6-week-old hot dog bun thing just isn't good enough?

    Then I came to work and found this letter from Joyful Marcus to his Joyful Friends. Pray for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Wow! Even a stale hot dog bun should be able to give that a shot.