Thursday, November 06, 2008

God alone is enough

November 5 Homily of Fr. Geoff Horton:

St. Teresa of Avila wrote a famous poem:

Nada te turbe,
nada te espante,
todo se pasa;
Dios no se muda.
La paciencia
todo lo alcanza;
Quien a Dios tiene,
nada le falta;
Solo Dios basta.

Let nothing disturb thee,
Nothing affright thee;
All things are passing;
God never changeth;
Patient endurance
Attaineth to all things;
Who God possesseth
In nothing is wanting;
Alone God sufficeth.

In this world, there are no final victories until Jesus returns, and no complete defeats because He will return. There is never a time to rest easily in satisfaction, and never a time to give up in despair.

Every time and place where there are Christians presents its own challenges. God in His providence has chosen us to be the ones who face the challenges of the present day. This time is ours, and not another one. The problems of this time are ours, and not others, and it is futile to wish that they were.

We are Christ’s disciples, and He is our victorious King. He is ours because we are His, and there is no hope more secure than that.

Nada te turbe
Solo Dios basta.

Let nothing disturb you.
God alone is enough.


  1. Oh, I love this. Especially reading it in the original language. (And it's beautiful in Spanish.)

    Thanks for the words and the reflection. Well said.

  2. These are much-needed thoughts after the recent election (also known as the Late Unpleasantness). But it's still a bitter, bitter horse-pill to swallow.