Saturday, November 08, 2008

God provides

On a long drive, there are many thoughts that occur to one, especially when heading to an old neighborhood left behind almost 40 years ago, one with good and bad memories. One of the good memories was the lowly guava, which is planted by landscapers as an ornamental in many parts of California, a plant that hides a delightful fruit. I wondered briefly if I would happen to see any of these, and the thought was banished immediately by a thousand more just as quickly gone.

Forgotten, but recalled when on Saturday night I parked, and there in the headlights was a gauva bush, laden with fruit! Since this was commercial landscaping in a commercial district, I had no scruples about harvesting a few for nostalgia's sake.

In spite of all our hubris, we still cannot 'make' food; we rely on nature, and, as the Ven. Louis of Granada observes, what is nature but, in effect, the middle name of God? It is easy to forget our utter dependency on the Lord our God for the very sustenance of life, in all it's aspects, but I am glad that at least we have a tradition to help us hold on to that awareness, and once in a while, God smiles upon us in a way to remind us to "be in the words" of what we say:

Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we have received from thy bounty

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