Tuesday, February 12, 2008

St. Vincent Ferrer's lenten sermons

A391 Dominica I in Quadragesima – Sermo unicus
St. Vincent Ferrer - Sermon for the First Sunday of Lent –
The Temptation in the Desert – Mt 4:1-11

The devil, seeing that Christ excused himself, so he would not incur vainglory, wished to tempt him again, and said to Christ, "Let us go to the desert, to a mountain high enough where we will be alone and can pray" And when they were on the mountain the devil showed Christ every corner of the earth, saying that all was his and he was able to give it to whomever he wished – but he lied – and he said " All this will I give you, if falling down you will adore me." (v. 9). Christ, who in the other temptations patiently excused himself, in this temptation became indignant and shouted out saying, "Be gone, Satan: for it is written, The Lord your God shall you adore, and him only shall you serve,"(v. 10; Deut 6:13). But why?

Chrysostom says that some temptations touched on humility, but this touched on adoring the divinity, and on the crown of God, etc. St. Jerome says that Christ here gives us an example that we should tolerate injuries to our person, but those which touch upon God we should rebuke indignantly. Chrysostom: In all personal injuries it is praiseworthy to be patient; injuries to God, however it is not wrong to rebuke to the utmost. Note the story about St. Louis the king of France who was used to brand the tongues of those who blasphemed God. A proof from the prophets: Isaiah 52 " They who rule over them treat them unjustly, says the Lord, and my name is continually blasphemed all the day long."(Isa 52:5).

Thanks to Fr. Albert Judy O.P. for the translations in progress of St. Vincent Ferrer's sermons, which are here. Hat tip to Tom at Disputations for the link!

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