Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dominicans on the cutting edge!

So nice to receive a notice about renewal somewhere in the world; in this case, New Zealand. for comparison, here's something old, then something new.

Now, for the cutting edge:

click any of the last three images for the video broadcast. thanks, Doc!

This comparison is an example of what John has emphasised; that becoming "contemporary" (con-temporary = with-temporary) is to become hopelessly mired in a moment of the ephemeral past, for it is to try and make what is "temporary" permanent. That is why so much of the "renewal" in the so-called "spirit of Vatican II" is so hideously ugly now; it reflects the taste of it's period, not beauty everlasting, ever true.

I am not unaware that there are those who would argue that the age-topheavy congregations, some already dissapeared, others in danger of disappearing, is what Vatican II called for (in spite of the actual documents of Vatican II and instruction from the Church to the contrary); and I have certainly read many a self-congratulatory justification of such destruction. For those who have invested as much as 40 years in institutionalizing dissent and disobedience, it is understandable that renouncing it would be rather a difficult exercise in humility.

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