Thursday, February 07, 2008

Antipathy towards Mardi Gras

Anita (V-For Victory) did a post a couple days ago, What I think of Mardi Gras, which graphically expressed her less than enthusiasm for that particular bit of irreverence, New Orleans style.

That particular "celebration" seems to me to be about as anti-lent as you can get.

Yet, this morning I woke up (late) feeling bad about missing the fish feed at Our Lady of the Valley this Friday; (I'm planning to be out of town). It hit me that my anticipation for the fish fry was actually not unlike the Mardi Gras; it is not a penitential desire, but quite the opposite, an indulgence in a pleasure (and a very high one on my scale) normally denied! My desire really didn't even include the Stations, but rather the food and company.

How's that for an examination of conscience? Judged by my own words.

And now, for something completely different: here's a picture of an event at a Kampala Pentecostal mega-church which my son took;

poor lad had never been exposed to Pentecostalism before and was scandalized beyond the beyond; he's still in recovery. I cropped this individual from the picture, phone call? headache? Doesn't want to be seen? who knows.

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  1. I remember my sister and I always wishing we cold go to Mardi Gras when we were younger. We talked about going but never went. We thought it would be great fun. Now, of course, we know better. Now I just thank God that He prevented us from making that trip.