Friday, December 07, 2007

YAM (Yet Another Meme)

Athanasius contra mundum of the 50 Days After blog has tagged me for a Meme in which I am supposed to say 8 random things about myself, and tag 8 more.

1. my favorite car was my first one, about 1958. It was something like this ('cept green):

2. I have baited mousetraps in my office.

3. I hate weeds, I like fire. Did I say I hate weeds? Fire is tool. Stuck my hand in the fire when I was wee little; grandma said not to, but the marble was a favorite...

4. I am extremely skeptical of simple minded solutions to what are put forth as immense and complex issues, but that somehow fit on a bumper sticker. I have no difficulty with hating sin and loving sinners; (mom says, please come home).

5. I have a visceral, irrational dislike for shopping and new clothes.

6. I remember traffic signals on Bayshore.

7. I meditate on the odd reality that supernatural faith is a virtue infused at baptism, and yet it is sinned against so freely. I don't get that.

8. I don't ever wear sandals because me feet crack and bleed. Guess I would never have made a good discalced Carmelite.

if 8 people read this, you are free to consider yourself tagged!

1 comment:

  1. lol I like your first car. I wish you could buy something like that today. They only seem to have battery opperated ones now that are way to expensive for a child's toy.