Friday, December 21, 2007

The antidote to...

Adeste Fideles, Adeste Fideles, Adeste Fideles...

find some other pieces for me.

When I posted this I forgot to link the source of the image above; it's from Carolina Canonball's "The Crescat" blog, in particular, the "Ugliest vestment" contest.


  1. Is that a vestment? I can't imagine what feast/Sunday this would be for.

  2. Aaaaaaahhhh! A "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" fake Franciscan! Somebody ought to tell these guys St. Francis and St. Clare really did not run around San Damiano singing Donovan songs.

  3. I cast my vote for the second Adeste.

    The first one was good till I heard the soloist pronounce "Regem Angelorum" with hard "g"s. The third one might go well with the vestment you posted here. (he he)

    Merry and blessed Christmas from RI, the armpit of the northeast!