Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bone-heads at work

CNS may have pulled their review of "Golden Compass" at the request of the bishops, but they include now a review from the LA Archdiocese web site that is just as bad. That fixes things, like, how?

here's a snip that zips it for me; stay away from this poison...

'Compass': Challenging believers to articulate faith, values
By Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP

Others, such as Donna Frietas and Jason King, admit to Pullman's atheism in their book "Killing the Imposter God," but think he employs feminist and liberation critical theology in his writings, and that using these lenses reveals truth rather than denies it.

Yeah, spelling words right reveals truth... Sr. Rose ends with:

To "just say no" is not a valid option in today's media world.

I beg to differ. I say no to pornography and a host of other aberations with which there is little reason to subject myself to, and every reason not to. Sister seems to have forgotten that our Lord to whom she is vowed taught the "custody of the eyes." - for it is by them that the filth enters the heart. time for some sweeping.

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