Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting my busted-up Toyota 4Runner fixed

it's got just over 176,000 miles, been hit in the front and rear, is burning oil and the synchros are about shot for first and second gear. I see three options; I can send it to the scrap heap, or take it to the bandit repairman who doesn't have factory parts and doesn't have the equipment to fix it properly, or even a body shop; or I can take it to my dealer, which has all the parts and a complete body shop. Scrapping it will cost me nothing, but it will be striped of all useful parts and crushed for scrap metal and thrown in the fire. If I go to the bandit repairman, he'll fix some of it, mess up some of it like he did last time (using the wrong tool when a special one is required, well, been there, done that), and I'll stay on the road after spending a moderate amount. If I go to the dealer, who has all the tools, parts, knowledge, they can make it as good as new; it will cost quite a lot, but it will be back on the road and will serve me faithfully till the time I won't be driving any more.

That's about essentially what I rambled off Sunday after mass, I think the discussion was about why anybody would go somewhere else beside the Catholic Church; she has all the sacramental tools to keep us on the road to heaven, the other guys have some of her tools, but doesn't really know how they are supposed to be used; the scrap yard & melt down? stay away from the junk-yard dog!

Anita looked at me incredulously and said "where do you come up with this stuff?" - Not sure, but today I remembered that Scripture says "[The Lord's Wisdom] ordereth all things sweetly. "

Isn't it interesting, thought, when you think about it, that we're pretty much all willing to go to the unaurhorized guy because we think we'll be robbed by the authorized dealer? and mainly because he charges more? what is it we love?

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