Monday, April 16, 2007

Wyoming Catholic College

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Peter Kwasniewski for attending our meeting and speaking with the chapter about the start up of Wyoming Catholic College. What an exciting undertaking, and what a leap of faith which is already proving that God will not be outdone in generosity!

Peter, I'm sure many have told you that you are crazy to be involved in starting such a project, but what a divine madness! One of my favorite saints said:

"You have but little love if you are not zealous for the salvation of all souls. You have but poor love if you are not eager to inspire other apostles with your craziness" (St. J. Escriva, "The Way", 796)

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  1. Mark, I really appreciate your words. Our holy mother Catherine of Siena often spoke of God's own madness in giving his Only Son for our salvation. The best things in this vale of tears are the most ridiculous in the world's eyes. We are going forward confidently, but we beg your good prayers. "Without me, you can do nothing," said our Lord.
    Dr. Kwasniewski