Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yesterday, the Chancel Choir offered their Wednesday Vespers for the intention of Sophia's healing. Now I'll admit that I don't see as well as I could; I need new glasses. But part way through the service, it began to sink in that I was looking at Sophia and her parents in the pews! Her mother was holding her, and she was tired, but she was there!

I was so overwhelmed that I fear I had great difficulty and muffed a take-up in the magnificat.

Never has a thank you, as uttered by Sophia after the service, ever reduced me to a quivering mess before.

Veronica, her mother, repeated Daniela's promise to get the Caringbridge link out soon. She repeated her gratitude for all the prayers offered on Sophia's behalf.

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  1. God bless you.

    I was going to offer communion and tonight's vigil for Sophia. As soon as Easter is over I'm going to try to put together a digest of what has gone on and post it.