Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baptism congratulations!

To the family of Mike & Deb Lee!
Ezekiel born again!

More pictures and information here. my favorite, Zach peeking over the shoulder of Cardinal Schönborn!

And if I've given you the idea that this crowd showed up for the baptism, well, not quite... you'll have to follow the link :)


  1. LOL!! It sure would have been nice to have two Cardinals at the baptism!!

    Although, it was an amazing experience to celebrate the Divine Liturgy with them. I really think the ITI is completely unique in the world to have the existence of the East and West in so close of a community. It is incredible to watch the Eastern Rite priests pray in Latin and the Latin Rite folks singing the Akethist! Here, at the ITI, the Church is breathing with both lungs in the same Institute....amazing...God is SO GOOD!!

  2. Mike,

    I realized as soon as I put this together, that it gave an impression not altogether representative of the event! :)

    ON THE OTHER HAND, we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, and there is much rejoicing in heaven over the gaining of a single soul!

    My guess is, were we to see the event in the full grandeur of the heavenly spectacle it really is...