Monday, April 16, 2007

Lacordaire, Conferences

The last post of an extract from Lacordaire' Conferences has a comment from Marmion which has a link to an online version of the book. I'm glad to see this, but also admit that posting a few paragraphs at a time had been a great way to read the book in short segments, allowing time for reflection and further study, which I've been enjoying.

I did find something though. Using the same resource which was indicated in the comment, I found a single volume set of Lacordaire's conferences which had been published originally as three volumes! So, here's the link:

Jesus Christ, - God - God and Man (1884)
Lacordaire, Henri-Dominique, 1802-1861

Interestingly, one of the other books I'm reading is "Christ the Life of the Soul" by Dom Marmion.

double hat tip to Marmion!

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