Sunday, July 04, 2010

Upcoming retreat

Mary Magdalene Retreat
July 17, 2010
Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter,
Third Order of St. Dominic

9:00 Opening prayer and remarks. Mark Gross, OPL, Prior.
9:15 Who is Mary Magdalene? Latin Tradition (St. Gregory the
9:45 The worldly woman (magdala, curled hair=adulterer).
10:00 The caught woman (go and sin no more).
10:15 The healed woman (touching the hem of His garment).
10:30 The grateful woman (washing His feet with her hair).
10:45 The learning woman (sitting at the feet of the Lord).
11:00 The nurturing woman (caring for our Lord on the road).
11:15 The interceding woman (Lazarus is raised from the dead).
11:30 Mass (or Rosary).
12:00 Martha's hour (lunch).
1:15 Anointing to the chagrin of Judas (spikenard).
1:30 At the foot of the cross (be not afraid).
1:45 Keeping watch (the vigilant heart).
2:00 The empty tomb (where have they taken Him?).
2:15 Witnessing to the Apostles (He is not in the tomb).
2:30 Wrap up, discussion.
3:00 Divine Mercy

further information will be posted as it becomes available

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