Monday, July 19, 2010

Roman blessings

Paul O'Leary and his bride, Alane Cleven, traveled to Rome to have their marriage blessed by the Holy Father.

a wider view:

The doors:

The Holy Father arrives:

The participants gather:

The Holy Father seems genuinely excited to see the guests!

The arrangements were made by Fr. David Kammler O.P., Promoter General for the Dominican Laity. This picture shows Father and Paul in St. Dominic's cell at Santa Sabina. Not many better places to offer mass!

a little bit broader view:

and Santa Sabina from outside:

Santa Sabina is the world headquarters for the Dominican Order. It's built upon ancient Rome, which you can visit underneath!

And then there is modern Rome!

The Idaho Dominicans offer our congratulations and prayers to Paul and Alane! May the Lord bless your union! And many thanks to Fr. Kammler for his gracious assistance!

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