Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Intellectually vacuous thoughts

Mark Shea hits a homerun with his Jul 16 column in NCR, "Science Works. Religion Doesn't" What Does that Even Mean?

That said, however, I will not go further since, as I say, slogans like “Science works/Religion doesn’t are a total waste of time until critics of religion get a clear and workable definition of what they mean. In the case of that empty piece of cant, each and every word needs to be carefully defined. But there is a direct inverse proportion problem at work that makes it sure such a project will never happen. Namely, those who are most inclined to worship the intellect anre least inclined to use it—and vice versa. “Science works, religion doesn’t” is a bumper sticker that Intellect Worshippers slap on their cars. It is not something that anybody who is actually serious about thinking would ever say.

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