Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evangelization: a long way to go

If you want to leave the world for a bit of a get-away...
Hat tip to Fr. Obi-wan for this one:

The Time Cube (warning, extrememly, well, extreme reality disconnect)


  1. Where in God's Name do you FIND this crap???

  2. I for ONE didn't get it.(No $10,000 for me.) However, I must compliment his excellent usr of font, font size, color and all the other tools he used to build a most impressive essay. (Although my two dimensional monitor seemed to miss the the whole "cubic" effect.)

  3. it all reads to me like he got himself a .gif software package and made himself a rotating cube as his first tryout, was so happy with it he just had to write an essay to show it off with.

  4. Simply stated, it makes nutsense.