Friday, June 06, 2008

Touched for a Lifetime

Anytime a person attends a wedding Mass or an ordination, something touches that person that is beyond telling and beyond the senses. Of course, it is the presence of the Holy Spirit. This was so last evening, 5 June 2008, at the Ordination of six men that entered the priesthood last evening at St. John's Cathedral in Boise, Idaho. It was magnificent. From the beginning, it was incredible with the Cathedral Choir's renditions of various and classical pieces throughout the Mass and Ordination. The ordinations, the Mass, the music, and faithful, and the humble submission of these men to service for all of us the laity.

The commitment of these young men to their vocation, and their heartfelt thankfulness to God was quite real and evident. I am so thankful myself that these men and their brother priests have committed their lives, time, energy, and intelligence to be a blessing to the Church in Idaho. There are many honorable, able, and holy priests here in Idaho. Thanks be to God.


  1. Do you have any pictures of the ordination?

  2. I left my camera in the car... :(

    I'm told that at the recessional, the priests gathered on the sidewalk outside the Cathedral, and when the new priests existed the building, their brothers sang the Salve Regina to them!

    I'm with John on this, it was a tremendous evening, and a great blessing and grace to the diocese and us all.

  3. Yes, I do have photos from my digital camera-toting son, Matthew, and they will be posted soon. Thanks.