Sunday, June 01, 2008


Over the last 35 years, the citizens of the United States have witnessed unprecedented historical events. With a masterfully-worded defense, a well-guarded political bully, an alliance with the media, a facetiously reasoned propaganda, and a hyperbolic assault on society at large, the abortion movement and conspiracy that helped legalize the killing of kids in our society ignore scientific truth and kill the innocent with lies and arrogance of presumption and power. Calling it “choice” or “pro-choice” or by any number of appellations, in the final analysis it only means the literal murder and dismemberment of children in the womb.
The children’s crime? Just to exist. Their legal dilemma? They have not passed through the portal of the womb. Do they look different? No. Children in the womb look like anybody else at their development in life. Yet, with all the rhetoric, euphemisms, and yada, yada, yada of the movement to kill kids in the womb results in death.
For all their words and actions purportedly to defend women, women's rights, and efforts to bind up their claims with the injustices suffered by other truly oppressed people, this movement in the end has lead to the killing of millions of kids that were not yet born.
You can call it pro-choice. You can call it a women’s right [to kill kids]. You can call it reproductive freedom or other distracting and feces-ious monikers, but in the end, it is nothing more than killing of children—innocent and free, choice-less and blind.
Isn’t it time? It is truly time to stop the killing of kids in the womb.


  1. Thanks, John. The older I get the more I realise the way forward is not always and only logical argumentation with the abortion proponents, although it is essential, but also prayer and penance - prayer and penance - calling for the grace which can changes minds, practices and hearts.

  2. So true, Fr. Speekman. Prayer and penance in the end is what changes our hearts and minds, and by this change inside, we act outwardly. That is what is seen by men and women of good will and is what influences them. We can only hope that our own lives reflect the Word of God. Thanks you.